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I first visited Central Australia as a child in the 1970s. The photos from those days were small format, square with rounded corners. They are a little faded and washed out – which in some ways reflects the intensity of the searing sunlight in the desert. Revisiting the area, I’ve been able to form new memories and observations to build on those early ones. Those memories were confused and fragmented, tainted with misinformation yet remarkable in perspective and scale. Sheer vast distances and monolithic rock formations, naive glimpses and sad stories of cultural loss. Quint/essence looks to present an impression of landscapes in the West MacDonnell Ranges. A personal study of the forms and feelings of that land, as a visitor. The stillness in Central Australia envelops and the rarified light overwhelms, whilst laying bare the ancient and majestic beauty of the land in a challenge to engage with its otherworldliness”.


A duo exhibition in conjunction with ceramicist Kerryn Levy at Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington, April 2019.

Catalogue here

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