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 "I became focused on the recurring patterns of daily existence, in the new pared-back and constrained lifestyle, imposed by the challenges intruding upon 2020. Examining the rise and fall of the land, listening to footfall on long walks, the welcome drumming of rain on the roof, and classical music to sharpen up, the ideals of rhythm and harmony.’

‘While structuring these works, I looked to the landscape to seek calm, hoping for everything to fall into place following recent chaos and upheaval. I paint harmonious visual composition in order to achieve ‘cadence’ and find resolution and respite – much like a complete and fulfilling conclusion to a musical score. Perhaps it was simply a desire to return to the comfort of the familiar and ordered, as everything else seemed so out of control.

The landscapes I’ve created for this series feature overlapping diagonals in undulating hills and valleys, punctuated with tree lines and bushland. Country falling away toward watercourses. Mountain ranges that ripple toward the horizon. I can always count on the restorative sense of peace and calm in front of an expansive natural vista"

A solo exhibition at Saint Cloche Gallery Paddington, July 2020.

Catalogue here

Video walkthrough of this exhibition here

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